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Finding Joy on the waters of Life

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Magic occurs when a group of strangers gather for the first time, lets down their defenses, opens their hearts, and reveals the truth of who they really are. It is our true nature to be compassionate.


  Currently offered Workshops, Groups, Classes or Retreats


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Since 1990, Mira has partnered with other practitioners, teachers, and leaders to create healing and empowerment experiences via psycho-spiritual workshops, groups, classes, and retreats including yoga and meditation.  Any that are not currently offered may be customized for your group or organization.

·         Yoga Nidra

·         Romantic Partner Yoga

·         Ananda Mandala Meditation

·         Restorative Yoga & Sacred Sound

·         Soothing Loss & Healing Grief

·         Authentic Movement

·         Re-Discovering the Lost Inner Child

·         Stillwaters Women’s Circle

·         In Terra’s Lap

·         Balancing the Chakras

·         Sacred Collage

·         Dream Dancing

·         Prayer Dance

·         Sacred Feminine Archetypes

·         Mask-Making & True Self

·         Inanna Rising

·         Drinking from the Wellspring

·         Samyama Healing Meditation

·         Finding my Voice

·         Comforting the Heart for Widows